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Tom Brady #12 Quarter Back Of The New England Patriots
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Here is some info on Brady and also some quotes.



A Nation's Eyes on You..
Tom Brady is a man that has matured in front of the American public. He is not just the starter who was lucky,' in replacing injured quarterback Drew Bledsoe to undeservedly bask in the success of their Super Bowl victory against the Rams. It is his humility and sound sense of awareness that has undeniably underscored his ability to triumph as a team leader. Otherwise, he would have let negative backlash break his composure. He would have buckled under the weight of critics unable to take him seriously. Indeed, Brady's not afraid of hard work. He's not one to shirk the responsibility it takes to earn the respect of industry analysts and colleagues. He is a patient man.

Tom Brady doesn't accept defeat easily. He'll continue to defy the odds, consistently work to accomplish his goals. By setting his expectations high, he always has another hurdle to climb. He is shrewd at blocking out extraneous background noise, persistent in maintaining focus. When there is a heavy concentration of pressure on the field is when he comes to life most. It is during the moments when other heavyweights would flinch under the stress that Brady truly holds his own. Indeed, it is when it counts that Brady doesn't make mistakes.

Need we say more? Congratulations to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for their remarkable 32-29 victory over the South Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII!!! Do we need to remind you this is their second Super Bowl win in three seasons?

Yes, because there is more. Once again, Tom Brady was voted the super bowl's MVP -- making his Super Bowl record a 2 for 2 in MVP status. He completed 32 of 48 passes for 354 yards and three touchdowns. Further adding to his records-broken, he's now beat Jim Kelly's record of 31 completions in Super Bowl XXVIII. Tom is currently 6-0 in the playoffs as a starting quarterback.

"A 60-minute game, to come down to the last five seconds? I think it tells you about the optimism of the two teams."

-Tom Brady

"To win this, the way we did it, is just incredible. Just a great all-around game."

-Tom Brady