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ABby'S jOUrNal.

Old Journal Entries
Journal Entries
Old Journal Entries

Entry 41 December 14, 2004
hmm well today was okay i guess.. i felt wicked sick still in the am but went to school anyhow since i gotta go to practice tonight since we have a meet tomorrow. last night i went to bed at 6pm which is like so unusual for me like i never do that but i felt so sick i just went to bed not doing any hw or anything like that. everyones getting sick that i know its crazy i hope i dont get anything too bad lol that'd suck. today in school nothing wicked awesome or anything like that mostly bad shit and i dont really feel like talking about it. the only good thing about the day i guess was lunch and gym lol because all my friends i was with at those times were always happy :) hmm well i think im gonna go and get ready for practice and all that lovely stuff. peace out bitches.
I'm listening to: cubicles- my chemical romance
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Entry 40 December 12, 2004
haha today was such a fun day, but hey this weekend has been so much fun. last night and just hanging out with everyone watching america's top model for like so long haha girls then like playing intense basketball with caroline and jennalynn and the guys good times good times. then mysterious walks lol. good times. anyhoww came home around 11:30ish last night and just listened to some music and relaxed because i was exhausted from track and everything. hmm today i had a field hockey game at 8am and we played a wicked good game and so should've won unfortunately it was 7-6 :( oh well it was still a good game. and i also saw my cousin kelsey playing softball there too lol kinda random seeing that i dont really see her that much but it was cool to see her anyhow then after my game me and lauren went to dunkin donuts lol and got us some breakfastt. then after that i came home and showered and cleaned my room because that totally needed to be done lol considering i had so much stuff everywhere you couldn't see the floor lol thats kinda sad oh well, its clean now lol. then around 1 i went over to caroline graingaa's with lauren and we just hung out and watched part of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban then we went to the christmas stroll around 3ish and we met hillary there lol good times, haha lauren gotta love that grinch. then after awhile we got kinda bored because no one was really there so we went back to carolines and watched the rest of the movie which was wicked good and i highly recommend watching it if you havent seen it yet lol. then around 6 i left carolines and just came home and hung out nothing too exciting. but hey this weekend was wicked fun lol so its all good. aight well i think thats a pretty good entry peacee out.
I'm listening to: project mayhem- finch
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Entry 39 December 11, 2004
today was a pretty fun day. i had my first track meet today at new bedford voc and i came in first place for the 50m and qualified for the state finals, pretty pumped for that. then my relay team came in second place way to go guys :). then after the meet i hung with lots of people for jlgs surprise bday it was a good time. she was totally shocked haha pina did a good job at planning it all because she had no a clue. aight welllll anyhow i must go to sleep i'm very tired and its 11:47pm peaceeeeee out bitches.
I'm listening to: i caught fire- the used
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Entry 38 December 8, 2004
well today was okay i guess. nothing wicked exciting except first block study with estabrook was pretty good lol, we didnt have to go to math so we decided to go to the library and we met rachaelllll up in there. always good times with those two. anyhoww after the library carrie and i just walked around until the block was finally over. 2nd block had gym i guess that was alright.. played volleyball but i wasnt on a team with any of my friends but we were pretty good lol me and all the guys but whatever it was fine. then i had english 3rd block with jess and well let me just say shes a dumbass sometimes lol but always can crack me up, well lemme explain.. well she wanted to see my ring because well idk but she took it off my hand and decided to put it on her pointer finger, but it was too small but she shoved it on there anyways so when she goes to take it off she got all like omg i cant get it off lol and got the whole class wondering what went wrong so she like started going crazy lol and i was just sitting there cracking up so she like goes to the bathroom and everyones like omg what happened and im like hahah shes soo dumb she got my ring stuck on her finger.. ha yeahhh well you had to be there i guess lol. then after we had english we went to lunch but nothing too cool happened in there. last block had history and we presented our project andd yeah it was kinda boring. after school had track and we did a lot of running today im kinda sore but hey thats okay. tonight my family and i went out to eat for brandons birthday which is tomorrow. went to some chicken restaurant i guess it was alright lol kinda random, but anyhoww that was basically my day i know your all gased about reading it ;)
I'm listening to: space- something corperate
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Entry 37 December 5, 2004
this weekend was alright i guess, today i didnt really feel that well. last night my softball game was alright i guess.. we had our first loss so that kinda sucked. today i just stayed home and hung out nothing too exciting. watched the pats slaughter the browns like 42-14 or something like that. then after that i watched elf with my bros ha thats a good movie got me into the christmas sprit woo cant wait only 21 more dayss :D. hmm well i think i better go study for my big english test tomorrow ttyl.
I'm listening to: arcadia- mfc
mood: happy, but sleepy Edit Text

Entry 36 December 4, 2004
well yesterday was an interesting time, it was pretty good though. ha a funny moment from yesterday.. was in math class sitting next to jess and well i had moved a few classes ago to a new seat so robert goes hey abby when did u move? and i didnt realize he meant seats and i go ohh 6th grade and jess starts cracking up and im like what what shes like no u dumbass when did u move seats and i was like ohhh hahahah! yeahh  you had to be there lol i guess sometimes i can really be dumb and not even realize it. after school went to track for a little while with jess and did some running stuff. then after that ran some errands with my dad then jess came over around 5ish. we made lots of food last night haha and it was a good time. today i dont really know whats gonna go on.. have a softball game at 745 but i think i might be working so i dunno about that one. kreusch may come over if she doesnt have plans but i dunno about that one either. this morning watch the movie again that me and jess watched last night and it made me think about a lot of stuff and things.. and pretty much just got me tired lol. considering i woke up at 12 today but hey thats okay i love my sleep. well i'll talk to you later.. peace.
I'm listening to: my mfc cd leslie made me :D
Mood: tired

Entry 35 December 2, 2004
today was a pretty good day, seemed to go by pretty quickly. first i had english haha always good times with jess in that class. then i had history and we started a new project it seems aight. then i had lunch with some cool people you knoww. lol lauren and caroline were beasts with their salads and bridget and i found it amusing how ms ribero always heard caroline when she didnt think she was looking lol. ha anyhow then after lunch had study with carrie. good times good times. then last block had gym woo hoo laura and i did the weight room because well we just didnt feel like playin vball today. good times with laura in there lol. hmm then after school had track with jess and lauren.. sally wasnt with us today oh wellz next time. ha then when i left jess and i called eachother while we were on the bus home and talked about random things lol always good times with that kid. hmm then just came home and had a nice restful night didnt really have much homework so it was all good. well thats about it for now ttyl!
I'm listening to: headfirst for halos- my chemical romance
mood: peaceful, happy :D Edit Text

Entry 34 December 1, 2004
wow what can i say last night was so much fun with kreusch and rachael. damn mfc and tbs were soooo good it was crazyy! we had tons of fun i must say, and it was totally worth waiting to see tbs play last. the used was pretty good too. ohh yes kayla and i met steve from montys fan club and he signed our tickets for us (look at the pics below) he was soo nice and he gave us a hug at the end lol. we also saw ryan and andrew from mfc but we didnt get the chance to talk with them because they left. but it was such an awesome show lol wicked good times. well thats all for now, im gonna put some pics below of my ticket and one of steve.. peacee.
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Entry 33 November 29, 2004
today was an alright day. although this morning was quite embaressing but hey we wont go there lol. tomorrow im wicked excited to finalllly be going to the taking back sunday show with kayla, rachael, and mike :D cant waittt for that! today we started our winter sports, so i started track yes good times right there with jess and lauren.. hopefully sally will be there with us tomorrow :) lots of running lol but its all good i'll be in good shape thats what i need. alright well i dont have much else to say this entry is kinda short but thats okay.. ttyl.
I'm listening to: I'm a fake- the used
mood: ok Edit Text

Entry 32 November 28, 2004
yeah havent wrote in this thing since like the 25th oh well whatever nothing really too much has gone on, this vacation was kinda boring hung out with friends and stuff it was all good. tuesday im going to see tbs finallyyy with kreusch rachael and i think rachaels friend mike :) it should be a good time. alright well i was listening to the radio today and i heard this red sox song so i thought why not add the lyrics up into my entry so here we go.. enjoy ttyl.
Frickin' A - Merry Merry Merry Frickin' Christmas
(World Champion Red Sox Anthem)

School's out Christmas break
Back to Boston, the Red Sox in four straight

First the Yankees then St. Louis
The curse, reversed, the Bambino really blew it

Derek Jeter's lost his mind
Trippin' on a broom stick, better luck next time

Have a Merry, Merry, Merry Frickin' Christmas
All you New York Yankees fans can kiss this
The tree the gifts the mistletoe kiss
Swing, a miss, Steinbrenner's really pissed
Have a Merry, Merry, Merry Frickin' Christmas

Joe Torre, he's a weirdo
Gave me a picture of himself in a Speedo

Hey A-Rod, you gotta feel the sting
You could have come to Boston to wear a World Series ring

We all know you're chokin' on your lunch
Try a knuckle sandwich and the Varitek punch

It's gonna be a Merry, Merry, Merry Frickin' Christmas
All you New York Yankees fans can kiss this
The tree the gifts the mistletoe kiss
Swing, a miss, Steinbrenner's really pissed
Have a Merry, Merry, Merry Frickin' Christmas

2004 the best Christmas yet
A World Series ring
I was sick of hearing 1918

It's gonna be a Merry, Merry, Merry Frickin' Christmas
All you New York Yankees fans can kiss this
The tree the gifts the mistletoe kiss
Swing, a miss, Steinbrenner's really pissed
Have a Merry, Merry, Merry Frickin' Christmas
SO:'      ';'              '::SOXS 
XSOX:      .:SOX:.     XSO  
XSOXS     :SOXS:'    ':OXS
XSOXS     :XSOX:,    ,:SO  
XSOXS     ':.OXS.'    XSOX
OXS"`                     .:;SOXS
XSO'::.     .:SOX:.    'SOXS
XSOXS     :XSOX:'    ':SOX
XSOXS     :XSOX:,    ,:OX  
OXSO:      '::SOX.'    SOXS
  SO:.       .:.,            ,.::XOS
...much love:)
I'm listening to: nothing at the moment which is a shocker
Mood: dont feel too good.. sleepy Edit Text

Entry 31 November 25, 2004
yes well today was thanksgiving ha yes i love thanksgiving all the food you can eat, i def. can say i ate all i could lol. hmm well anyhow i went to my cousins house in milton and thats always a great time. my cousin kelsey whom is my only cousin close in my age can now drive haha good times with that. hmm well today was mostly a football watching, chillin with family, stuffing my face kinda day lol it was lots of fun though good times with kelsey today. cant wait till christmas! hehe. ha well hmm i cant really think of much else to say at the moment. so i guess i'll write some more tomorrow or something.. ttyl :D
I'm listening to: jude law and a semester abroad
mood: happy and fullllll meaning my stomach is full.. lol Edit Text

Entry 30 November 23, 3004
today was a rad day i guess you could say. classes were boring as usual lol oh well i guess they always are, but spanish man that was the absolite worst haha wicked boringgg eh kerrin. hmm then after school came home and chilled around my house didnt do too much then after a while got ready for the field hockey banquet by showeringg and doing my hair up all lovely, ha too bad it sucked oh well. Then around like 530ish went to get the lovely lauren costello and we headed to the banquet together. it was a awesome time with everyone lol and yay kels and lapp got awards woo :D! so didnt a bunch of other cool kids that i knoww :).. yess well tomorrow going to jess's house after school with the girls then going to nicks pizza then bonfire at 630 with themm cant wait! well i think im gonna go finishing watching laguna beachh, ttyl :D
I'm listening to: the union- taking back sunday
Mood: excited :D

Entry 29 November 21, 2004
well let me see, today i woke up at 815 then waited for lauren to come and get me then we headed to our field hockey game at the dome. we all played really well today the score was like i dunno 13-1 something like that. then after the game lauren, her mom, and i all went out to friendlys for breakfast haha lauren they're friendlyyy. lol and yes i had an egg, sausage, and cheese sandwhich with homefrys for breakfast mm it was very yummy. then after that i came home and showered then took a nap for about an hour or so then got up and rested some more while watching problem child 2 lol yess then started some homework and talked to different people.. didnt really do much but i guess thats a typical sunday for me. i found out today that i'm gonna go to california over february or spring break :) im pretty excited for that. well i cant think of much else to say soo i'll ttyl peacee.
I'm listening to: headfirst for halos -my chemical romance
mood: sleepy Edit Text

Entry 28 November 20, 2004
today was a pretty cool day i guess, softball game in the am tied 1-1 not wicked exciting.. and for some reason i sucked wicked badly today oh well whatever. last night well i really dont know what happened taylor and kerrin never called so i wasnt really doing anything but i totally dont mind lol because kerrin was in rochester at her dads and probably didnt have much cell service so then i just went to bed at 9:30 which i havent done since i was like in 5th grade ha but it felt nice getting lots of sleep. but it was alright i mean something must of come up so its all good. today i went to boston for a bit then easton to go out and help my grandmother get some things for people for christmas, but instead she like got me all this stuff which i kinda felt bad but oh well i love her shes very nice to me :).. then tonight went out to eat with my other grandparents at the nest since i wont see them on thanksgiving this year. but in the middle of dinner jeannie call me and was like yeah im bored and i was like yeahh me too not gonna do too much this weekend i guess so then we just decided hey why not go see the grudge i mean we've tried so many times to go and see it so its a perfect oppertunity right.. ha yeahh well the movie started at 7:25 so by the time we got to dartmouth it was like 7:45 so we just decided to walk around the mall, it was fun just hanging out and talking and stuff. then i just came home and now i'm just writing in here and maybe gonna play some need for speed underground 2 that my bro got me or maybe some grand theft auto 3 not sureeeee. aight well talk to ya alllll later peace out.
I'm listening to:Existentialism On Prom Night- straylight run
mood: happy ;) Edit Text

Entry 27 November 19, 2004
today was a pretty good day, went to school you know same old deal. haha me and jess do defiantly love to kid around lol oh man we're such retards lol anything we do we just find some way to laugh about it haha good times good times. lol sally at lunch man oh man what was thatt come on now dont go looking that way :X lol. hmm tonight i think taylor and kerrin may be coming over.. hopefully they are lol or i wont be doing much else. well im gonna do something different for once and add lyrics in my entry. ttyl
I'm listening to: you don't know- montys fan club
mood: ok
lyrics are part of demolition lovers-my chemical romance
[Hand in mine, into your icy blues
And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway
With this trunk of ammunition too
I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets

I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know just how much you mean to me
And after all the things we put each other through and

I would drive on to the end with you
A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full
And I feel like there's nothing left to do
But prove myself to you and we'll keep it running

But this time, I mean it
I'll let you know just how much you mean to me
As snow falls on desert sky
Until the end of everything
I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know how much you mean
As days fade, and nights grow
And we go cold

Until the end, until this pool of blood
Until this, I mean this, I mean this
Until the end of...]

Entry 26 November 16, 2004
today was a pretty awesome day lol, stayed home from school didnt do too much although i did do one thing lol but wont mention it only a few know :X ahah well i did some homework and rested lol nothing wicked exciting. watched lots of tv lol and then went out to eat at unos tonight then cass called me and played me some crazy music haha that was funny because i didnt know who it was but hes silly and pranked me lol. hmm well just did a lot of talking to people online tonight that was good got me back into my good mood. yess well nothing much else to say ttyl :)
I'm listening to: a favor house in atlantic- coheed and cambria
mood: was annoyed, but now im getting happy like before Edit Text

Entry 25 November 15, 2004
today was an alright day i guess, too much shit occured that didnt even need to go on, which i cant stand. oh well whatever thats over and done with. i havent really been feeling too good lately so i think im just gonna stay home tomorrow because i dont think i'll miss too much. hmm well im starting to really get excited about the tbs concert with kayla its gonna be a blasttt. today got into the mfc street team, thats pretty sweet i cant wait till i get my shirt and all that other stuff lol. leslie and i had a good talk about them today lol. cant wait to see her pics with them next time in bio! hmm well im really bored, and tired and im not gonna really do any hw tonight lol oh well. well i dont really know what else to say, i guess im gonna go now i'll write more tomorrow when i can think about more happier thoughts seeing how i havent really been upset about anything in a longggg time yeahh well peace out!
I'm listening to: ah my tbs cd "tell all your friends" :)
mood: tiredd
haha random photo for today.. dash from the incredibles lol hes soo cute! Edit Text


Entry 24 November 14, 2004
mm goldfish are yummy. ha well anyhow this weekend has been alright. saturday i had a softball game at 730am in bridgewater. i did alright got on base everytime and worked off a couple of foul balls at one at bat so i didnt strike out which was good, they didnt have me batting switch this past weekend oh well. the dome field seems so much bigger than last year hmm dont know. well we won like 8-3 or something it was good. then last night i went out shopping and out to eat.. got a few new clothes nothing wicked major. also took about a 4hr nap yesterday from like 11-3:30 or so.. i havent really been feeling that good lately and i dont know why my migrans aren't going away i hope that i dont have to go to the doctors in boston again ah i hate that place, i'll just keep taking the medicine and see what happens. hm well today which is sunday lol i had a field hockey game at the dome at 10am and went with cristi and lauren to that. we won like 6-3 against case and i scored a goal the other team was pretty good though. i think our dome team is good though hopefully we'll do good. hm then after my game came home and showered and hung out for a bit then went out with cristi to the football game, too bad they lost to DR but it was still a good game, but veryyyy cold. hmm well yeahh i think i'm gonna go listen to some more music ttyl.
I'm listening to: the panic- strata
mood: tired/sickyy Edit Text

Entry 23 November 12, 2004
woo today was an awesome day, i was in a good mood all day and nothing unhappy happened. first block tap testing again then after that i had gym class and we played volleyball my team was the best and yess we were soo proud we were defeated! yess thats right :D! hah anyhow after that i had englishh and we had like kindegarden again and drew those turkeys you draw with your hands haha me and jess had fun with that.. lol english is always a blast with jess. then after that we went to 4th lunch lol and of course jess didnt have a lunch so i shared everything i had with her because starving is sad. lol after lunch i had history and caroline and i did our skit lol fun times. but we found out last block that the football game was cancelled bummerrrr i wicked wanted to go to that. oh welll. tonight i went out with sally,kels, and lauren and we went to nicks pizza and then to bowlmore it was a nice time lol we had lots of fun. hmm tomorrow i have a softball game at 730am at the dome yeah this sucks lol oh welll tomorrow night i think im going to the galleria mall hopefully i'll get some long sleeve shirts that ive been longing for. hmm next weekend i think taylor bacchiocchi is comingover friday night and we're gonna play wicked cool video games because we're cool like that lol cant wait :D hmm then  i think kreusch may sleepover one day and we're gonna chill that outta be fun we havent hung out in a while:) yeahh hmm well i cant really think of much else and i think i must go to bed because im gonna be really tired to get up tomorrow am nice and earllyy lol. aight well ttyl hope this entry is a good one for ya'll to read :) peaceeee!
I'm listening to: you don't know- montys fan club
mood: hyperrrrr and happy!

Entry 22 November 11, 2004
today was a pretty cool day, i went up and worked with my dad at his work.. i think that i actually have a job there which is pretty sick because i need money like whoa. hmm after i worked for about 6hrs in n.attleboro i saw my old neighborhood and saw some of my old friends i think, but i doubt they would remember me i mean that was second grade lol we're all grown up now kinda like the rugrats haha. ive got some new tunes ive been jammin to lately and yess i like them a lot lol.. well i also went to the mall today that was an alright time brandon was getting on my nerves so i didnt really feel like shopping but saturday im going to the galleria and going to hollister so i'll get some stuff there at least. well tonight i finally saw the oc woo i was very happy it was gooddd too :) well i must say me and kreusch are very excited for tbs lol overhappy to be exact i know we'll have a sweetness time too 8) well thats all for now peace out!
I'm listening to: lump-presidents of the united states
mood: stokeddddd for tbs! so overrr happy tonight!
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Entry 21 November 10, 2004
today was a pretty good day, lol didn't really do too much. tap testing again as usual. then after that went to math class and did nothing lol math is soo boring oh well lol then after that had spanishh yeahh that was boring lol but jackie and i had a fun time saying the lessons we were going over lol. then after that just had lunch and then photo with kels, sally, ali, and joce. then came home and relaxed didnt really do too much talked with jeannie on the phone and listened to some tunes. i'm wicked excited though because kreusch, rachael, and ally are all going to see taking back sunday, the used, my chemical romance, straylight run, and presidents of the united states of america on the 30th of this month.. i'm pretty excited about that. well thats pretty much it for now. peaceee
I'm listening to: my better angel- northstar
mood: happy

Entry 20 November 9, 2004
today was an alright kinda day, nothing majoyly bad happened and nothing wicked good happened. first block we all had tap testing woo wicked awesome time that was too bad i didnt finish the math part but whatever i don't think it counts. second block had health and we just had a study so me and katie just talked lol because there was nothing better to do 3rd block had study and sally and i went down to the library with cass and jeannie. 4th block had english and sat with jess like always lol good times haha we had to do pearl questions and we dont read the book so we have no idea ever about whats going on lol, after school came home and didnt really do much went online and listened to some music since i had no homework to do really. woo cant wait till friday with slb,lcc,kmb,and cmep fun times then hopefully going out after the game to nicks with kyle, cass, and jeannie. lol taylor got me hooked again on match box 20 and listening to breakfast at tiffanys, yes thats a good song you should listen. well i dont have much else to say at the moment gonna go watch some tv and just hang out.. talk to you bitches later.
I'm listening to: shutup- simple plan
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Entry 19 November 8, 2004
well today was alright, was supposed to have 4 tests in a row today and one i wasnt aware of which was the "tap" testing ahh right in the morning too lovely huh, then after that i had a bio test which i forgot about, then i had a math notebook quiz but luckly no one understood what was going on and she decided not to give us that quiz, then last block i had a huge spanish test although i thought it was rather easy and i knew everything so i guess that must mean i'm doing alright since i have a A average still. hmm well today i didnt really do much listened to some music thought about things going on in my life nothing really exciting, just wondering what some people are gonna do. but whateverr. got my school pics back today they were aight i think, but everyone else seemed to think they were fabulous lol who knowss. its so weird just coming home after school is out i have nothing to do lol and i procrastinate oh wellll, track should be soon. can't wait for that woo jess, lauren, and sally we're gonna tear it up lol :) well i think im gonna go shower now think that'd be best lol ttyl.
I'm listening to: the pornographers daughter- north star
Mood: tired although i'm in a good mood.
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Entry 18 November 6-7, 2004
yess well this weekend was alright, on friday i didnt do much then saturday am i got up around 10 and waited for jess to come then we went to the batting cages for practice until like around 1230ish since we practice batting lefty and slapping so we were there longer. then after that i just came home and didnt really do much some homework and that was about it. then after that my mom wanted me to go with the rest of my family to see the incrediables.. it was alright lol you know cartoons and all. then i just went out to eat after that. sunday which is today i went shopping around like 11ish at the dartmouth mall, it was good times with my dad lol he got me lots of clothes so i was happy:) then after that we went to bjs to look at tires for my car :D then we look at some other asessories and what not, but i didnt really see anything i liked for my car besides the car sticker set that was all red sox but i wasnt allowed to get that lol. after that i just came home and didnt really do much.. then around 330ish i went to alex's house and hung out with her ally t, and kayla k. it was a fun time and oh yes the pats won which was the whole reason of me going lol but yeahh it was a good time we talked about a lot of things lol fun times fun times, cant wait till next week :)  hmm then i came home and called jeannie to see what was up with her and how her new room looked after that i just came onto the computer and listened to my new cd which im still listening too and i love it too :)! well im out for now ttyl!
I'm listening to: The OC mix tape 2
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Entry 17 November 5, 2004
today was a lovely day. only had a half day woo got out at 12 to go with varsity to their state field hockey game. tons of fun lol, oh so many good times. they played good but man oh man harwich was the nastyest team ive ever seen in my life and their like whole front line was freshman! yikess im so worried if we ever have to play them what they would do to us :/ hmm well tomorrow is kelseys birthday! woo yay kelseyy! hm tonight im doing absolutely nothing and i dunno what to do with myself, im gonna be sooo bored yikes this sucks. first time all year i have nothing to do on a friday night, maybe something will turn around but i doubt that. tomorrow i have batting at the cages at 11 with jess, carrie, kayla ahh the cages.. oh well only an hour. well i dunno what else to say so im gonna go peacee.
I'm listening to: project mayhem- finch
mood: hyperr Edit Text

Entry 16 November 4, 2004
yeahh havent wrote in this thing for about 2 days but thats aiightt nothing too exciting happened.hmm lets see ive come home every day after school this week, yessa very boring nothing to do. well tomorrow i'll be leaving school at 12 to go with varsity field hockey to their state game in harwich :) so i def. won't be coming home until later.. that should be a lot of fun with everyone. today teachers lectured us on how we should be good students and study for all are huge upcoming tests ha screw that i never do, unless i have like nothing better to do and i still manage to get the lovely A's and B's except math which is a C+ but thats totally going up because of my test i took today that i totally aced. hmm i hope tonight when my dad gets home he'll take me out to get my new celly, i desperately need one since mine is wicked gayyy. tomorrow should be exciting hopefully the girls will win their game :) yessaa well i've decided to do no homework what so ever tonight and just doing like nadaaa. im making jess's cd's for her so she will have something to do other than sit around doing nothing lol. tonight the OC season premiere is on yessssaa cant wait for that!! outta be excelent. i've gotten some new bands that i reciently found this past week, i'd have to say they're pretty awesome and i may have some new favs. well i best be going.. hopefully this somewhat catches up things. ttyl!
I'm listening to: Delirium Trigger- taking back sunday
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Entry 15 November 2, 2004
today was an alright day, i was kinda confused but i was tired too so i guess that was it. no field hockey anymore after school so i just came home and it was pretty boring didnt do much. i had to do my whole english project tonight, which took me a while but that was alright had nothing better to do. hmm well i got a 55% on my math test that i got back today but i guess its alright because i have a C+ in the class and i'm gonna be moving it back to a B where it was before. don't know what im gonna do this weekend. maybe go away with my cousin but i dunno i really feel like going shopping with her and hanging out because we havent in a while and we've got a lot of sox stuff to talk about. hopefully something like that will go down. other than that i think im going friday to the varsity field hockey state game and leaving school around 1230 to watch, that should be fun. hopefully someone will wanna do something this weekend or else im gonna be wicked bored. kinda feel like going to see the movie grudge but i just saw a scary movie called "saw" last weekend, ooh well. i guess we'll see what happens. the OC starts thursday woo cant wait for that, i so want the 1st season dvd collection for christmas so hopefully i'll get that if not i'll buy it. hmm well tomorrow i have a study, english, history, and health not too bad. well i cant really think of much else to say here. i think thats all for now. ttyl.
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Entry 14 November 1, 2004
today was a very good day, slept over jeannies last night and hung out with her yesterday it was a lot of good times lol. hmm well this morning woke up around 930 and hung out with jbd then we went online haha and she fell going up the stairs that silly kid. then after a while my dad came and picked me up and i went home and got changed to go to work in n.attleboro. it was a pretty cool time, did so much stuff for the red sox and made tons of plaques. woo swell times. anyhow nothing much else to say so im gonna go now.. ttyl.
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Entry 13
im over jeannies house...what sexiness!  we just took a shower....together.....JUSTTTT KIDDDDDINNGGG... anyway today we saw saw at the movie theatre:the best part of the movie was deffinately the scary man on the the tricycle. shaina went dressed as superman (wicked hott) , kaylin was a gypsy (but she looked like a hooker), and jeannie and katie went as gangsters.  cass tried on a coconut bra at katies house, but refused to wear it to the movies lol.  the movie was scary,but i held jeannies hand so it was all good.  then i went to jeannies and we hung out and watched the pats...what a sad sad game.... they lost...and then steve came and hung out with us...he just left and now me and jeannie are just chilling.... what loveliness lol
<3 guess who wrote this??

Entry 12, October 30, 2004:
today was a lovely day woke up at 530am on a saturday can you believe that once in a lifetime event for me.. hmm yess well it was totally worth it. left around 630am this morning to head to boston for the red sox parade. man oh man was it was blast never in my life have i seen soo many people excited, happy, man you name it. it was soo much fun.. and when the players came it was even better screw standing out in the rain for 3 1/2 hours it was totally worth and i got to see my man david ortiz and he had the champioship trophey in his hands and it was excelent! i also saw johnny damon man does he look so hottttt in person loved that, saw my otherrr man pokey, schilling, manny, pedro, arroyo, hmm well you name it i pretty much saw them all even the old players like johnny pesky. man it was a total blast and i wouldnt trade anything for it. after that i came home and just hung out and then went to work at a haunted house but it was wicked gay so i left early so now im just hanging out doing nothing. cant wait for tomorrow should be a good time with everyone. alright well im out i'll add some tomorrow peaceeeeeee :)
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Entry 11, October 29, 2004:
wooo today was such an awesome day, screw school i dont remember it. after school i had kelsey, sally, lauren, cristi, ali, and caroline over unfortunatly jess couldnt come ;( we watched the girl next store haha very good movie, then we ate lots of yummy pizza from papa ginos and cina sticks mm yummyyy. after that we got ready for the football game then went. it was a great time at the game lots of hanging out with everyone and it was just a blast like always. saw jeannie and cass at half time and hung out with them unfortunatly i couldnt go out after the game with them i was bummed about that one :/ next week hopefully.. ohh yeah i got the red sox world series hat today mwuah haha i love itt and im gonna wear it when i go to the parade tomorrow im so excited to go you have no idea wish i was going with someone though oh well it will still be good... anyhow thats pretty much all for now ttyl bitches.
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Entry 10, October 28, 2004:
today was such an awesome day, did like absolutely nothing lol yet again.. first block had bio and we just did a pretty cool lab, then second block i got to skip algebra and go with student council to give the preschoolers a halloween party, they were the most adorable things ive ever seen lol good times good times. third block had spanish wicked boring so i took a semi nap, then hadd lunch and sat with some cool people named jeannie and cass and talked about how the south should have a baseball team named something that i wont mention haah but good times.. thenn had photo and ali and i just took random photos of things around the school and people lol good times. next we had our last fh game so sad lol but hey we won 4-0 and i scored twice, jess scored, and hillary. awesome job girlsss, a perfect 13-0 season cant beat that! haha and before the game was pretty funny spider dance :X wont mention any names but you know who thats for lol ;) hmm well im going out tonight for some food and to celebrate with my dad the wonderful sox victory last night woo, can't wait until saturdayy hopefully i'll be going to that parade lol i love my red sox<3. hmm well tomorrow should be a fun time having the girlies over after school then we're getting pizza and going to the football game together cant wait! then after the game i'm going to nicks with like jeannie and cass and otherss can't wait. satudayyyy is the sox anddd sunday is scaryy day with jeannie mwuah haha can't wait to see the grudge anddd go to fort taber lol. hmm well anyhow thats pretty much all for now i'll add some more tomorrow peaceeeee :)
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Entry 9, October 27, 2004:
hmm well i  guess this entry can go for two days since i havent wrote in it since like 2, so anyhow yesteday was a good day lots of fun.. carinval day at fh haha awesome times there GOALIES :) lol merrideth, jen, jeannie.. hmm then did some other competitiions haha i liked the paul revere one with jess haha whoopsies i kinda killed her by falling off her back into the front of her haah good times tho good times. hmm lets see i won a razor hah maybe they're trying to tell me something :0 JK JK.. yessa well the sox won yet again last night 4-1 props to pedro. hmm well thats all i can remember about yesterday.. today was aight kinda boring didnt really do much had study with cass and jeannie ha and the guy kept telling us to be quiet silly guy.. hmm had a game vs new bedford and ive never seen such beastly people in my life, and they sure love to talk bad language mm.. well we wont get there on my thoughts but yay i scored and so did jess and we won 2-0 showss them psshh. well anyhow if the sox win tonight we will have won the world series :-D!!!!!!!! woo i'm so pumped to watch that game! no doubt, aight well thats all for now, ttyl bitches.
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Entry 8 October 25, 2004:
Today was a pretty good day, didnt do too much in the learning sense, seeing how i only had 2 real classes then a study and gym.. not too bad. Played denis yarmouth today and we thought they'd come out wanting to kill us since we beat them last time and they're the best team we've played, but naa we blew em out a whomping 6-1 thats right bitches. hmm lets see what else oh yes the sox are on a role winning 2 straight wicked nice. we're going all the way this year 8-) aightt so yeahh on halloween gonna go with jeannie, steve, and keith to see the grudge and travel over to fort taber mm cant wait that shall be a good time right there, very spooky. well thats all i can think of right now, ttyl.
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Entry 7 October 23, 2004:

today was an alright day, had softball in the am at the batting cages with jess, carrie, and kayla good times good times.. hmm then came home and slept for about 3 hours to catch up on much needed sleep i hadnt had this past week. then i went to fairhaven for about 3 hours then dartmouth.. yeahh nothing too exciting then picked up some pizza's came  home and got ready to watch the sox. haha kreusch lovin the songss we now know lol ;). hmm go here its a pretty cool thing i believe that anyone thats a red sox fan will enjoy that. well sox won game 1 of the series 11-9 very happy about that. what can i say ive always been a fan not just the playoffs, ive been one since i went to my first game at age 5months although i dont remember it lol but i do remember the second time i went and it was this past year soo there. and yessa its making me very happy that they're doing as well as they are :) alrighty well i think im gonna head to bed now since its 12:18am.. ttyl
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Entry 6, October 22, 2004:
heyyyy, yessa well today was a very awesome day. school went by unusually fast besides of course last block, but thats alright. then after school went to jess's house and we hung out.. haha funny moments of the day.. dropped jess and she broke a chair, jess walks up the stairs falls down.. haha yes good times. then ali and caroline came over and we got ready before the football game oh i was sooo warm and prepared tonight yessa 4 layers and 2 pairs of pants lol very warm, but then robert wore my scarf and hat that i brought lol oh well still i was warm. haha 2 hot chocolates tonight that helped as well but dunkies tasted better than what they were selling at the game. hmm well lets see saw everyone tonight lol many good times.. haha kreusch and ally :X lol tap dat. hmm hung with so many people cant keep count lol but very many good times, half time saw jeannie, carolyn, and cass when they were on break some good times there as well hmm hung with kels and robert while getting that oh so yummy hott chocolate, and hung with jennalynn, gabby, meghan d a lott loll yessa good times good times. orr kicked ass in the football game what was it like 42or something to 6? haha voke sucks. cant wait until next weeks game, sure it will be chilly.. but always good times with the crew. yessa well thats about all for now, yessa softball 12pm tomorrow @ the cages with jess, kayla, and carrie outta be tightt.. aight well better go now peacee.


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Entry 5, October 21, 2004
today was a pretty good day, nothing out of the ordinary. lol i think i was very awake today considering i had around 3hours of sleep last night hah. hmm well today after school we didnt have practice and i didnt wanna come home, because i'd just be bored so i decided to go with the jv and varsity to watch their game at dexter. it was a swell time, haha oh boy the bus ride there haha good times ;) may i mention that # 45 and #31 are the best goalies ever :-0 hmm well i cant really think of much else at the moment. well hopefully the cardinals will win tonight, because the astros worry me with clemens, pettitte, and bagwell.. hmm alright well im out for now ttyl.
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Entry 4 1/2, October 20, 2004



SOX WIN 10-3! :-D

hinman28jesser: hell ya shove it up ur fuckimn ass yankees
hinman28jesser: :-D

salb12519: ahhhhhhh this is wonderful:-D
salb12519: a ha ha

Cuban B 773: Red sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cuban B 773 returned at 12:11:28 AM.
Cuban B 773: we won!!!!!!!!!
Cuban B 773: we are awesome

"letsss gooo reddddd soxxx."-chanted in the bronx after game 7
" history starts now. "
" and god said let the curse BELIFTED."

"Yankees face biggest choke"


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Entry 4, October 20, 2004



yessa well i must say this entry will mostly focus on the red sox, because i am gonna add up some new pictures and shiatt like that. but before that i'll write a few things about today.. ehh well it was nothing too special pretty much the same as every day, i was over tired though and feel a sleep in spanish for a little while, lol oh well. hmm but then basic photo was a blasttt with kels, sally, joce, and ali... haha good times today guys lol, man i was too hyper i gotta watch that next time 0:) hmm well fh practice was very boring today, but whatever its all good.. but it was veryy cold even tho i had like 5000 layers on lol. anyhow tonight 8:00pm red soxxxxx are on and shall hopefully do a beatin on the yankees. i mean for god sakes those stupid fans totally needed to chill last night, not the red sox fault that they umps made all the right calls anyhow. mm so i am very pumped for tonight i shall say, but seriously arod needs to chill.. like does he need to see jeter so that jeter can go suck arod? come onn now bud chill you dont wack arroyo and get away with it bro. aight wellllllll im gonna add up some lovely pictures now. oh and by the way we were so "killin wit schillin' " last night, props to curt i <3 him. :) toodles for now.
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^^ "if i can't leg out a single, hack ball good."
yeahh act innocent alex, nice try but we gottca.

Entry 3 1/2 October 19, 2004
yessa well bored and ive had some very random conversations tonight so i thought id just post em and let you try and figure them out.
hinman28jesser: were consestrated were fallin apart! were war contenders..!@
hinman28jesser: come on
hinman28jesser: abigail
hinman28jesser: lol
hinman28jesser: (mrs. morell)
idreamofjeann1e: yes, and im on crack

oldham  AcO4: dude im so hyper right now
idreamofjeann1e: im so .... i dont know
idreamofjeann1e: in a loving mood right now
idreamofjeann1e: <3
idreamofjeann1e: <3
idreamofjeann1e: i know i am very random
idreamofjeann1e: like donkeys playing bingo
idreamofjeann1e: random.
I x3 ketchUP: oh and by the way, i love abby oldham more <3
maria4elena is: i cant hold it back anymore!
maria4elena is: lol
maria4elena is: LIBERATE
maria4elena is: im obsessed with them lol i like click andim like ::twitch::

maria4elena is: i sound like a total stoner
mmm lovely, yess i know :D i <3 them all.
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Entry 3, October 19, 2004
yessa well today was a pretty good day. no field hockey game, bummer to that.. and stupid seekonk cancelled tomorrows game so theres no game tomorrow either oh well.. hmm well i kinda consider today part of yesterday so i must say the sox are doing pretty well seeing how ive only gotten about 7 hours of sleep total this week due to them keeping me up lol, but hey they're winning so its all good.. tonight game time 8:05pm in the Bronx yessa well hopefully we'll do swell with curt on the mound, if not eh well whatever. yessa so today in school at lunch jess decided to throw me onto the floor just because she wanted food or something poor child gets starvedd JK.. lol but anyhow back to the point of it all, it was very funny lol and i even laughed myself although everyone around us was as well lol good times today ha jess, kels you know. hmm well that was one lovely highlight in the day. had gym second block today with a bunch of cool kids. did some gay exercise stuff yessa that was pointless. after that did some training in the weight room/did nothing at all lol with jeannie, then walked the gym with her. hmm study was oh so swell totally failed the bio test oh well. hmm well thats pretty much all my mind can think of at the moment for thoughts.
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Entry 2, October 17, 2004
yessa well just watching the sox game thought we had a shot when we were up 3-2 but no of course not the yankees had to strike back now its 4-3 who knows what will happen next. oh well theres always next year. yessa well nothing too much else to add guess i'll add this picture of sox humor i found. ttyl.
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Entry 1, October 16, 2004:
yessa well heres the first entry. this weekend was pretty awesome, friday we had a field hockey game vs seekonk and whipped their butts 5-0 woo then after the game went over jeannies house ate some yummy meatball subs, mm then we headed to the football game in fairhaven to watch orr play. met up with jeannies mann steveee there, then i met up with katie and sara lol good times good times. watched bryan play a little bit woo #33 xo bryann :-D oh yeah had to wear that gross yankees hat of chris's since i lost my bet oh well. ha then after that me, jeannie, and steve went to fort taber and checked out some places there lol good times. today  eh it was alright just went to my cousins and hung out and stuff. watched the sox loose 19-8 to the yankees, yikes thats embaressing.. oh well. yessa well thats pretty much it, exciting yes.. i know.
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the end.